Talk To Me

A Bancroft Manor Prompt on The Bancroft Collection FB Page

Who have you had your last conversation with who you might actually like to talk to again? Perhaps you will dialogue with them in your journal.

If I could reach out and have a conversation with anyone – who would it be?


My dog.

He’s awesome.

This is the way it works with us:

” Hi Hamish! Who is the best dog in the world? Do you wonder what it will look like a day after the world ends? I Hope the dogs and cats make it. Oh. And the dolphins and dragonflies and the bumble bees.”

Hamish looks up at me, his eyes are full of kindness and understanding and love.

” I hope at least one person makes it because if the cats do, they’re going to expect the rest of us to be their slaves and me and the Bees and the Dolphins…” he says

” and the dragonflies ” I add

” Yeah, them too. We’re not good with that.”

” Well…okay. Dogs, Bumble Bees and Dolphins.”

Hamish jumps up and plants a little kiss on my nose. ” I knew you’d understand.”

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If me being ‘reasonable’ means that I have to sit still while someone vomits right wing conspiracy talking points  into my face like:  Full term babies are being aborted because at the last minute a woman decides she didn’t want the baby and she can make money selling it’s body parts so why not?  Or people are losing their homes and living on the streets and their children are starving because ” liberals” are accusing them of being Nazis and they’re getting kicked off Social Media platforms   or  that Donald Fucking Trump is NO different then any other President…then take your verbal vomit elsewhere and spew it into somebody else’s personal space because:

The Good Humor Lady has left the building.