She Went Boldly

Welcome to Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #07

You are going to pick up a news paper article. Either online or take a snapshot from the hard copy paper. Use appropriate reference for the article you have used. You need to debate and discuss your view points on the selected article. How best can you do? You can pick up any category like general, politics, entertainment, etc. Even guest columns are very much appreciated.

Opportunity rover’s 14 years on Mars may come to a quiet, tragic end

We have this great idea- with our science and smarts and adventurous can do spirit- humanity is going to explore the universe.

Explore of course is just a polite way of saying ” conquer “.

Let me get back on track.

I was watching a show about space exploration and one of the scientists said that the first person to step foot on Mars is alive right now. Along with that uplifting factoid it was left unsaid that the first person to die there is probably alive right now too.

But as we ponder that idea, the reality is Mars has already claimed a few victims and it’s about to claim another.

The most recent?

The Opportunity, the Rover who was only supposed to live for a few months. Instead our intrepid explorer has gone on to explore Mars for 14 years. The Opportunity, sadly was proceeded in death by her sister Spirit who left this life back in 2010 after getting trapped in sand.

There was an entire movement to cheer Spirit on – ” Free Spirit!” logos were popping up all over the place.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough and Spirit died on Memorial Day in 2011

I’m not attempting to treat you to my anthropomorphisms with the Rovers, I am however asking that you keep something in mind.

When I’ve watched shows or read articles by the people who work on these projects- especially the engineers, they say things like ” We explored the Gusev Crater, Our goals are to determine if Mars ever supported life.”

” We “.

Not “The Rovers”.

“We have gone to Mars”

As the Opportunity draws it’s last breath and dies -as the Curiosity is destined to do the same on a cold dusty world far away from home I think we need to realize something.

” We ” have gone to Mars.

Because ‘we’ have invested ourselves into these Rovers because ‘we’ see them as an extension of ourselves I would aruge that the first ‘person’ to set foot on Mars was alive  in our lifetime and ” she ”  died on Mars on Memorial Day of 2011.

I think we should not lose sight of that.

COLUMBIA HILLS, MARS: From the National Geographic Channel’s Five Years on Mars, after traveling a mile and a half in eight weeks through a desert of broken lava, the rover Spirit explores at Columbia Hills. (Photo by National Geographic Channel )

Last Image Spirit Ever Saw

Opportunity rover’s 14 years on Mars may come to a quiet, tragic end

News About NASA Mars Robots

The Bus Stop



Welcome to Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #05

There are five quotes given to you.

In italics

The challenge is not to describe any one quote.  You need to use all the five quotes a stitch a story. A short story which uses all of them. All the best!


I am confused at times. Should I sound? Should I echo? Should I stand here and wait for that bus to slide by my stop? Should I let it crunch it’s way down the gravel road towards the bridge and across to the town on the other side?

You need not answer all the questions! You can just laugh and laugh again at my inability to make a decision. I can stand here at this stop  with this woman, I think her name is Leah and she talks to much. She is talking to much right now. Maybe that’s why I can’t think, why I can’t decide what to do right now.

The bus is coming towards us, it always speeds up a little before it stops here. I wonder why, does the driver hope we will step off the curb and end up under his tires? Does he hope we will think he’s going to drive by us and we will walk away and he won’t have to stop? Does he think I’m a killer and can he see it? How could he? My brain is spinning out of control and I am very dizzy- Thoughts – they do what we don’t ask for!

What am I doing here today? Am I going to catch the bus and go to the Mall? To work? Will I ride to the Transit station and take another bus and end up on another corner tortured by indecision and frozen as solid as a corpse in full rigor mortis.

Which brings me back to this moment I am trapped in and all have learned for certain is,  I knew it! That I don’t know!

But I am resolute. I  will pluck  one idea, one thought  of my brain and act on it.

The bus is almost here. The woman, Leah looks concerned. She tells me the bus is coming, she puts her hand out and rests it on my arm.

I look into her eyes and see myself reflected in her eyes.

At times, we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else I realize.

Her hand slides down and  closes around my wrist and then one of my ideas burst from my brain and I swing my arm up and in the blink of an eye she was gone and under the wheels of the still moving bus .

It was, for a second, as if she had never been on that corner with me at all.

Darlene Murphy Goes To Work

Photo by Dids on


Was there more to life then getting up and going to work and coming back home at the end of the day and sitting around for a couple of hours and going back out and doing it all over again?

Darlene Murphy used to hope there would be a break in that dull routine, just one little crack that would allow her to break out and escape and maybe see a little more, do something extra like get her nails done or maybe stop off at that bakery and try one of those cupcakes that had a small strip of candied bacon on the top.

It never happened though- not for Darlene Murphy who spent her nights working to make ends meet and to keep body and soul together just so she could do it all over again the next day.

Something had to change and on a Saturday it did.

On that  evening on her way to work, she stopped by the closed for the evening art gallery on third and pressed her face up against the glass.

Ghostly sculptures haunted the dimly lit gallery and Darlene, who didn’t like sculptures of any kind found herself not hating these.

These sculptures were marble- twisted and tortured until they were forced into delicate forms that hinted at the human shape. The act of creating these figures must have been brutal.

Darlene could appreciate that. She understood it.

She held her pale hands up to her face.  ” If you could talk ” she told them ” I’d be a dead woman.”

Darlene put her hands down and said to the spot in the window where her reflection should have been, ” Again.”


Photo A.M. Moscoso

IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge Haiku 02

Cow Says ” Moo “

 Risk for a Random Challenge-Write 10 random sentences and put them into a paragraph.


My devil duck is dusty today. Seafood can’t kill you, can it? What big teeth you have. Cow says moo, dog says woof. There’s a dead guy at the door for you. I’d sell my soul for a cupcake. I tried to run it down, but it got away. Are we alive yet? The pond out back is on fire. I can’t stop dreaming about having nightmares.




IBMC #03: Risk for a Random Challenge

My Tombstone

Photo A.M. Moscoso

 I took this picture shortly after two members of my family had passed away within a week of each other, my dog had died unexpectedly ( death, no matter how we try to prepare ourselves for it’s arrival is never really ‘expected’, is it? ) and with those  three deaths my world broke apart into a tiny little pieces.

I’ve never been able to find them all again, let alone repair the damage.

I think this picture captures that time in my life and memorializes it perfectly.

It’s a fitting gravestone for a life that no longer exists.




Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #02.

The Mark


 Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #01

Mark of the Destiny

If she stopped her car right now, if she turned off the engine and got out at this exact moment and went into the diner would she find what she was looking for? Would she find adventure and sin, would there be roadmaps at the counter that were old and full of ghost towns she could haunt? If she got out now and walked into the diner would the moon wink, would the crows scream would she find her ending or beginning if she stopped her car and got out right now.


I think we know what our destiny is, that’s what we are afraid to face, I think that’s what holds us back sometimes.