Watch these wildlife officials struggle to stay alive as they release the world’s most badass bobcat kitten back into the wild. The wild cat, who we are calling Mr. Murderbritches, was relocated after he was caught eating chickens in Kanarraville, Utah. Long live Mr. Murderbritches!

The Fallen Tree


“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” 


I miss the days when social media was fun.

I miss having my  blogs be the first place I went to when I wanted to talk about what was going on in my world or where I went to share my ideas.

Now I  of mindlessly trudge to Facebook and post things because that’s where people go to talk and socialize. I guess that’s ok if you’re a shut in, or you work from home or if you’re living in a place where you haven’t exactly found a way to fit into the community around you.

None of those things apply to me.

But I guess my fear is, if you don’t belong to Facebook do you exist?


Darwin Was Not Amused and Other Random News From LCJ

The buzz at the end of the week concerning Facebook was it’s falling stocks and people aren’t  creating accounts the way they used to and a segment of the community  don’t trust it.

That’s why I liked my blog, I just toddle on over and create stories, or post links to things I like or I post pictures that I take for fun.

I understand that people get down when their friends don’t acknowledge what they put on their Facebook page. Putting yourself out there and expressing yourself  takes a  bit of nerve. But I don’t feel that what I do at Facebook is social interaction, so I don’t care about that platform nearly as much as I care about my blogs.

If I post my writing  or photographs it’s safe to say what I’m putting in these places is the real ”me” as opposed to the ” Profile” me at Facebook.


With that being said, here’s some pictures I took yesterday- memorable because it was hot and I was not in the greatest of moods but when I went back to see what I captured I decide it was actually an ok day.

Here is the proof:

I really liked the flowers we chose, especially the lavender.  But I paid more attention  the containers- each has a different texture and color. I think it adds a little side note to the plants that makes an interesting read.

I’m going to start a little herb garden- Herbs are great. They have different personalities and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Just like fish.

As I mentioned earlier it was really hot outside.

This is how my boys dealt with it:

Hamish taking using the fan I bought especially for him and his brothers, Micey and Darwin.

I almost activated Micey’s murder button-  I was blocking the cool air…bad Mommy!

Darwin was not amused by the heat, the fan or me.

Darwin is never amused.

This is a real toy from a time when smoking was cool.

With that, I’ll say goodbye for now.


Ugh. I’m a Commuter

We have you now Anita Marie, the doors are closed and like it or not you’re a drone and when it’s time we are going to launch you to work.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

While you’re with us, enjoy the view of our famous stainless steel spiffy Potty Room. Doesn’t it smell just peachy?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

We’ve heard you like art so much we provided you with some:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

We hope you enjoyed your trip today and the one you’ll take tomorrow and the one that comes after until the day you die.

You should have run when you had the chance.




Hey Kids! I’ve Got A Great Idea!

Yesterday I went into some small detail about how I am putting this particular blog together, so far it’s been fun but I forgot to mention a really great resource for ‘finding your voice’ that I have used over the years.

My friend Heather Blakey ran a remarkable international writer’s group via her website The  Soul Food Café ( now achieved, you can visit it HERE) and she has since gone on to develop a site called ” While Waiting For Godot “. Not only can you find some inspiration through her posts, there is a wealth of information for anyone on their creative journey.

Check out the 2017 Adventure ” Cheat Sheet “. Divided into 25 days you will find links to instructive ways to develop not only your talent but there are projects that you can use to help you show your interests in your own way.

Here are a few links on the cheat sheet that I really liked:

Day 1 Preserving Memories Take the time to preserve your memories using a range of internet freeware.

Day 5 Go on! I dare you! Become a Micro Adventurer!

Day 16 Twenty Eight Things I Love About My Town

Day 20 Visit the Soul Food Cafe Alphabet and find a host of creative activities


My personal favorite is Day 20’s Soul Food Café Alphabet. I rushed through it several years ago and I’m going to go back and take my time with it, you know, see where the Muses take me.

My goal is to enjoy the creative process as opposed to looking at each prompt as a goal I have to score NOW NOW NOW.


With a brand new attitude ( wasn’t that a song? ) I’ll be working on some ideas from ” Waiting For Godot ” at my blog “At The Crossroads” – so if you like to see how that is going you can check it out HERE.


I hope that you will find this info useful on your own writer’s journey!



I would also recommend taking your time going through the many links that are posted at Waiting for Godot- choose one choose a few to work on but take your time. I used to burn through my posts like a crazy person and if I could go back and change anything about working on these prompts, that’s what I would change.

Want Some Fries With That?

I decided to go to Google and ask it what the popular topics are for blogs are because I would like this blog to have the same focus as my other two blogs. It was easy to do that on those sites because they feature on my writing.

I had decided I wanted a ‘for fun’ blog ( in lieu of Facebook ) which I felt was sort of getting messy because I didn’t quite define what ‘for fun’ was when I started it.

Here’s what I have so far:

Google says a winning blog will be about:

  • 1. Listicles.
  • 2. How-tos.
  • 3. Politics.
  • 4. Bacon.
  • 5. Recipes.
  • 6. Beginner guides.
  • 7. Ultimate guides.

Write about these things and your blog will be popular get lots of traffic and be considered successful.

What follows are the topics that pulled readers to my blog, Enduring Bones. Though it doesn’t get BOODLES of traffic I figure if someone has ended up there and keeps coming back I’m doing my thing as a writer. I’m really not into heavy traffic because I post on line to get my writing chops down.

Curious and because I’m a research wonk, I went over my stats and here is what people come to my blog and look at:


Stories about my dog ( Pets or Dogs )


Short stories ( dealing with the Supernatural )

It seems to me that no matter what the hot topic of the day is, people do love a good ghost story- thank goodness for that or I would be stranded on Facebook Island with the rest of the population- and that is one crowded little island where everybody is yelling at someone or posting pictures of their food and Sunsets.

The one category that does take heavy traffic as predicted by Google is politics – HOWEVER the posts I’ve written deal with a specific local issue and the posts are based on first hand experience and personal knowledge so it’s not in the echo chamber realm. Plus I don’t add to it very often, so it’s anomaly.

Another thing I learned a long time ago was that I had a reader for maybe 3 minutes- and with the use of Phones instead of laptops that might have dropped. That might explain why my posts that feature Photography and Poetry seem to take a lot of traffic.

All gloves are off at Halloween because my main blog Enduring Bones features something Halloween related from The last week of September until the 2nd of November. It doesn’t seem to matter how long or short the posts are as long as they’re something you’d enjoy reading during the Halloween Season.

I work on that topic starting in July and my main body of work is queued up by September at the latest. I also spend time getting the word out on social media that ” Halloween has returned to My Bones “. So It’s true, you do have to promote your blog and the more time you put into that the more you’ll see in return.

The thing is, I only really care about my writing which gets its chance to shine in October. The rest of the year I sort of ‘warm up’ for the main event and hopefully I get some ideas for stories and I get a good collection of both my own photographs and ‘finds’ from the internet that stay with the seasonal theme.

Maybe I’m overthinking things.

Here is a quote from Stephen King that I like- maybe as I flesh this blog out I should relax about the issue and keep this in mind:

“So okay― there you are in your room with the shade down and the door shut and the plug pulled out of the base of the telephone. You’ve blown up your TV and committed yourself to a thousand words a day, come hell or high water. Now comes the big question: What are you going to write about? And the equally big answer: Anything you damn well want.”
Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft