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I’d like to be part of a group again.

Maybe a writer’s group.

But the idea of being around people right now is sort of off putting- probably because of the Covid universe I’ve been living in since last March.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today because I know what day it was that I guess I officially left my old world behind- I was only off of work for a month, but after I went back Seattle was for the most part shut down. So I guess I’m sort of apprehensive about that particular anniversary.

I also thought about taking some classes on line ( because everything is on line right now ). But I’m not sure I want to take writing classes because I feel like I would be starting all over again. I’ve been good about writing every day and I can see where I’ve made progress. I’m writing about topics and in genres that I wouldn’t have imagined myself writing in a few years ago.

Plus the minute I read, ” this is what I would have done ” or ” In my humble opinion ” I just shut my brain off and if there is actually any constructive criticism I’m going to miss it.

I guess I could learn something new, but I’m working on the things that matter.

I wish I knew what to do.

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