Bite Me, Ya Little Worm

“Facebook now turns that goal on its head. It claims that providing warnings about a politician’s speech is inappropriate, but removing content from citizens is acceptable, even if both are saying the same thing. That is not a noble stand for freedom. It is incoherent, and worse, it is cowardly. Facebook should be holding politicians to a higher standard than their constituents.”

Zuckerberg Faces Staff Anger, as Black Lives Matter Protests Continue Across America

I’ve been sent to Facebook Jail twice- once it was for quoting Trump with no comment from me and another time was for showing a Klan Rally with a link to a story about Trump’s father being arrested at said rally.

And of course there was the time they took some of my pictures down because they were ‘hateful’. You know, towards Trump.

If I were paranoid I’d wrap some tinfoil around my head and go hide out in Walmart because it could feel like someone is out to get me.

As it stands, this happens a lot in FB world to a lot of users.

Somebody doesn’t like your post and they report it and Facebook pulls it down because, well. Who the heck knows? But You can bet your sweet emoji there is a standard at Facebook and it’s started to look like it’s twisted to the right.

So I’ve got these blogs and sometimes people read them and as a writer that should be all that matters.

I mean, do I really need to share my insights with people on Facebook that are just nosey about my private life? How many people are really interested what I think or feel because I’ll tell you right now, the answer is not THAT many.

So I should be doing more to reach out and support other writers and bloggers and I should be doing my part to encourage people to speak up and speak out about what moves them because in the world of Facebook, those days are numbered.