And The Dead Shall Rise, Right?

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A few months ago one of my “friends” on Facebook pointed out that hardly anyone ‘likes’ my Facebook posts so that means I am an ‘outsider’ ( though ‘unpopular’ came up later ). That’s right. I’m unpopular because a bunch of people that I don’t really know never go to my Wall and validate me as a human being worth of being a member of polite society by giving me a thumbs up or a GIF of a puppy spitting hearts.

But never fear, there are ways to change that!

I can make cryptic remarks about people I know, I can share intimate details of my close and personal relationships. If I do that, people will come back and see if I’ve expanded on those tidbits for the drama of it all.

People like to see pictures of the inside of your home, what you eat, what kind of furniture you have.  Let people vomit all over each other and what you think in the comment section.

That’s how you make yourself relevant on Social Media.

Dish. Dish.Dish.

Leave no stone unturned.

Share the most personal details of your life with your ‘friends’ if you want your ‘friends’  to REALLY like you.


What has this world come too? and how the Hell do I get myself out of it?


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