Let’s Go!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have a plan, an idea and inspiration for the direction I want to take my writing and other creative endeavors this year.

Last year I did pretty good with meeting my writing goals so Ithis is all a go- barring one of the now and then landmines that can set me back a week or so ( like when I hurt my back ) I really did stay on my creative path.

Yay me.

My poor little Lost Creek Blog is supposed to be my on line journal, but I set it down because I thought- who cares about my random thoughts and silly musings? And then I realized Facebook pretty much does that every single second of our lives, so just sitting down and telling the story of my day and all of that stuff is not exactly some sort of weird idea that I have to sweat over.

How sad is that, I actually forgot what Journals are for because like the rest of the known world I use Facebook.

Well. I guess I should work on changing that.



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