Hey Kids! I’ve Got A Great Idea!

Yesterday I went into some small detail about how I am putting this particular blog together, so far it’s been fun but I forgot to mention a really great resource for ‘finding your voice’ that I have used over the years.

My friend Heather Blakey ran a remarkable international writer’s group via her website The  Soul Food Café ( now achieved, you can visit it HERE) and she has since gone on to develop a site called ” While Waiting For Godot “. Not only can you find some inspiration through her posts, there is a wealth of information for anyone on their creative journey.

Check out the 2017 Adventure ” Cheat Sheet “. Divided into 25 days you will find links to instructive ways to develop not only your talent but there are projects that you can use to help you show your interests in your own way.

Here are a few links on the cheat sheet that I really liked:

Day 1 Preserving Memories Take the time to preserve your memories using a range of internet freeware.

Day 5 Go on! I dare you! Become a Micro Adventurer!

Day 16 Twenty Eight Things I Love About My Town

Day 20 Visit the Soul Food Cafe Alphabet and find a host of creative activities


My personal favorite is Day 20’s Soul Food Café Alphabet. I rushed through it several years ago and I’m going to go back and take my time with it, you know, see where the Muses take me.

My goal is to enjoy the creative process as opposed to looking at each prompt as a goal I have to score NOW NOW NOW.


With a brand new attitude ( wasn’t that a song? ) I’ll be working on some ideas from ” Waiting For Godot ” at my blog “At The Crossroads” – so if you like to see how that is going you can check it out HERE.


I hope that you will find this info useful on your own writer’s journey!



I would also recommend taking your time going through the many links that are posted at Waiting for Godot- choose one choose a few to work on but take your time. I used to burn through my posts like a crazy person and if I could go back and change anything about working on these prompts, that’s what I would change.

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