Open Up and Say Cheese!



Photo A.M. Moscoso

Before I jumped into the social media pool, I used to blog a lot more about ‘stuff that happens’.

That means that I had to explain and clarify my points and tell a little story because nobody wants to read a book report about your sucky commute to work or that restaurant you went to and really liked until you found out that their food was prepackaged and they just warmed it up and if they didn’t order enough from their vendor  you were out of luck.

Now if I want to tell a story on social media I have to have a picture and be able to write in fluent emoji.

I really miss those days because I like to write and like to read.

I worked hard and putting my posts together and thinking of a topic and going out to find the perfect picture to run with my stories.

” I don’t have time to read “

” I wish I had a minute to myself.”

” I haven’t read a book in ages.”

I remember when people used to make fun of home movies and the vicious things they used to say about people busting out their photo albums and ‘making’ their friends and family look at vacation pictures and holiday pictures and those pictures somebody took because their was some film in the camera.

Now we have Facebook and Instagram and all of that has changed.

I wonder why?

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