The Devil You Say!

I was struggling with why I keep Facebook in my life and what it came down to was the comments.

When I read the comments on my Facebook page I can’t help but read between the lines- it’s more fun that way.

So settle on back, have a drink and let’s watch my Friend List tank at Facebook together, shall we?


Dear Anita:

Please write about your personal life because a troll’s gotta do what a troll’s gotta do and I’m really hoping to find out your life sucks the big one because I never liked you.

Dear Anita:

Please don’t put all that Political stuff on your Facebook Page- I don’t like it. Plus I’m a major racist and ammosexual and  I have to see you at Christmas .

PS should I bring a pie?

Dear Anita

I’m only here because I have a new Profile Picture up and I want lots of people to see it so I’ll get lots of likes.

Dear Anita

Is that what you really ate for dinner? Thanks for jamming that crap onto my newsfeed. I hope it makes you fat.

Dear Anita

I hate your dog. I liked his picture on accident and I can’t take it back because you probably already saw it.

Dear Anita

Your writing sucks, your cat is ugly, you make stupid jokes and I only come to your Facebook page to see if your as gross looking old as you were when you were young.

BTW say hi to your Mom for me!


For me the Facebook world went from being a must have- like how I must have a stash of Jelly Babies on hand at all times, to being intrusive ( OB/GYN intrusive ) and now I have found that it is a storehouse of,  as the great Dr. Seuss said, ” Fun that is funny.”

Hey Facebook World, don’t you change a thing about yourself now! I think I’m starting to fall in love with you all over again.




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