Yes. I am Serious. Deadly Serious.

I’d want to go into the after life with the Grim Reaper just for a chance to hear the stories he must have.

Also, I’d ask how to land a gig like his.

From what I understand, boats, horses, flying and secret doors and gateways are put of the tools that are part of the job. How cool is that? With those wickedly cool travel options you just show up and say, ” Come with me ” and off you go.

Keep in mind, I got a job in a Funeral Home as an apprentice and I had to compete with people who were in Mortuary college at the time there wasn’t one in my home state and I wasn’t in the position to go to a state that did.

I just convinced the people who were interviewing me that I really belonged there and they were sold.

So. You know.

Don’t put it beyond my skill set.

I’m talented in the weirdest ways.