For Just A Nickel

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I used to beg my Mom for a nickel every single time, non stop when we visited the Curiosity Shop so that I could look into this machine.

I could not imagine what kind of naughty things were in there.

I was desperate, beside myself, frantic even.

I had to know what I would see and it would only cost me a nickel to find out!

Then one day I could imagine all sorts of things.

So you do realize, I never dropped a coin into the slot- that would have spoiled the fun.

Mystery I learned at a very young age, is the sweetest treat life has to offer.

Don’t be silly and try to scarf the lot down in one sitting.

Daily Prompt: Partake

It’s Going To Get You


Photo A.M. Moscoso

I took this picture at the end of what would be the last great Spring I’d ever have again.

I’m not sure what’s worse- knowing something like that for a fact- or wondering when

I’ll feel that good about the world around me again.