Go Go Anita- er GODZILLA

Today is Godzilla Thursday because it’s my blog and I say so!

When I was a kid I wanted Godzilla for a pet more then a dog- which is saying something. I loved dogs. I collected pictures of dogs. I dressed up like a dog for Halloween and watched Werewolf movies religiously so that I could figure out if there was a way for me to turn into one because there wasn’t movies about turning into dogs and I figured that Werewolves were as close as I was going to get.


Yes I was an adorable child.

In the end my family produced a dog.

The timing was suspect because I had gone on non stop for days about wanting Godzilla and being that I was sort of a dingbat I was probably driving everyone insane while I fought my Godzilla for a pet crusade.

Here’s a picture of me holding my dog, which already had a name ( imagine that!) when he came home.

His name was Blackie, the adults told me before the front door was already closed and his leash was off.

You do realize he probably didn’t have a name yet and my Dad and Grandfather made it up on the spot to avoid having a ” Godzilla ” in the house.

I realized it and I was only six years old at the time.

Blackie was a feisty little dog.

He joined me when I jumped up on the furniture and growled at people when I did it and he happily followed me up on our collectors train set table which was about 50 years old when we got it.

We didn’t smash or break anything- I heard my Dad sort of choke and try to scream my name and I was so startled by that hideous sound that I fell off before the rampage began.

I was an Epic Godzilla failure- plus I sprained my ankle and did something to my wrist on the way down.

Shortly after I moved through my Godzilla Phase I went into my Headless Horseman Phase and that’s when the fun really began.

But I’ll save that for another day.