Thinking About Happiness

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1. Is there a difference between happiness and fulfillment? What does it take for you to be happy? What does it take you to be fulfilled? Are the qualities the same?

Things that make me feel happy-

Cheeseburgers and makeup that doesn’t run or smear and finding out that one of my favorite shows that hasn’t been on tv for ages is now streaming on line are things that make me feel happy.

Looking back over my notebooks and blogs and seeing that I have been writing non stop for over three years makes me sit back and sigh with satisfaction- when my dog is able to problem solve on his own makes me feel the same way. I feel a sense of fulfillment.

So I think that there is a big difference between happiness and fulfillment.

Happiness is a thrill and it’s something I like to share.

Fulfillment is a feeling I like to keep to myself.

I wonder why that is?


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I’d like to be part of a group again.

Maybe a writer’s group.

But the idea of being around people right now is sort of off putting- probably because of the Covid universe I’ve been living in since last March.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today because I know what day it was that I guess I officially left my old world behind- I was only off of work for a month, but after I went back Seattle was for the most part shut down. So I guess I’m sort of apprehensive about that particular anniversary.

I also thought about taking some classes on line ( because everything is on line right now ). But I’m not sure I want to take writing classes because I feel like I would be starting all over again. I’ve been good about writing every day and I can see where I’ve made progress. I’m writing about topics and in genres that I wouldn’t have imagined myself writing in a few years ago.

Plus the minute I read, ” this is what I would have done ” or ” In my humble opinion ” I just shut my brain off and if there is actually any constructive criticism I’m going to miss it.

I guess I could learn something new, but I’m working on the things that matter.

I wish I knew what to do.

Let’s Try This AGAIN


I keep toying with the idea where I actually write about what goes on in my world instead of facebooking about it.

As you can see from my previous posts here, it didn’t come together the way I thought it would,  so I kept using  FB and stuck a bunch of random posts at my main blog, Enduring Bones.

I guess I’ll try this again because I really am not loving FB and my main blog is getting sort of messy because it lacks form.

I was putting links to my blog at FB and people would like the pictures but they never hit the link, the result was a lot of my friends had no idea I’m a writer but they sure do love those pictures!

Along with that is the fact I know some people are like my dog sniffing a cookie on the counter that he knows he can’t have but he passes around and waits for me to turn my back before he pounces. Sneaky bastards…

and all they want to do is see what I’m ‘up too’ instead of just Effing asking me-which they could do because I know most of the people on my FB page.

So I will try this again.

I don’t expect a lot of traffic through here, but that’s ok. It would be nice to have a place to sort of meander around and work at my writing.

Anita Marie